Best CSGO Betting Sites for 2017

Our Guide To Get Free CSGO Skins

Imagine joining matchmaking games with the dopest CSGO skins that you can find on the steam CSGO market. That’s what a lot of players desire lately. It’s not anymore about how to rank up in CSGO. It’s all about how to get free CSGO skins. Sadly, most of us can’t afford the newest gloves or an expensive knife. And unless you are not a part of a professional team or a streamer, chances are pretty low that your CSGO inventory worth much.

Good for you, today you have found this guide that will save you a lot of time and research finding the best ways on how to get free skins on CSGO gambling sites.

Which CSGO betting sites should you choose? Take your time to look through and try each one to see on which one you have luck. After reading this guide your inventory should be at least $5 worth without having to deposit anything.

Which CSGO Betting Site?

The scene around CSGO betting sites have come a long in the last few years. Especially recently you can find a lot YouTube videos about CSGO roulette sites. Only a few years ago, there been just a handful of gambling websites, but that’s changed now.

With the introduction of gambling sites like Hellcase, Skinarena, Drakemoon, CSGO Empire, Gamdom, CSGO live, CSGO Shuffle, CSGO Polygon and much more that have pushed the market into a whole new era of gaming.

Reasons To Use A CSGO Betting Site For Free Skins

Here are a few points that will help you understand how to build up your CSGO inventory by using gambling sites:

Healthy – Smoking wax in a vape pen is a lot more healthy than blazing in a dab rig, bong or smearing on your rolling papers. While most vapes still combust the wax it is still not at the extreme temps of other smoking methods.

Free Money – There are actually sites that offer daily free credits to users. For example, Greenhunt is offering a daily free roulette spin where you can win up to $50. On a larger CSGO roulette site like CSGO Roll, you can win up to $10.000 with a daily free spin. Case opening sites like Hellcase or CSGO Live offer a similar option for their users with a daily free case. Most of the time those free cases including items from $0.01 – $2.800 that you can win every day.

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Save Money – Don’t waste your own money on CSGO skins. Simply login with your steam account on the betting sites we have listed and catch all the free skins. At the end I suggest you sell all the items you got and buy your dream skin.